Perfect Nail Treatment by Nail Salon

There is something so incredibly satisfying about going to a salon and simply lounging on one of those chairs, while the women is busy tending to your feet and arms and nails and cuticles

Now if you are looking for best nail and spa salon, then first of all you should be prepared to be baffled by the endless choices unless you are a spa veteran. Nail Salon offers a wide array of services which leaves you completely satisfied and pampered for the better.

In fact, it all comes down simply to your own preference- what do you like? From the array of services available you can obviously opt for the simple manicure and pedicure or each individually. In case of a manicure, there is again a variety, but if you are someone who believes class surpasses all then naturally, your first preference would be the quintessential French manicure. In this type, either acrylic nails are put on your own nails, or it is done naturally. This is basically done by leaving the base pink and the base is painted white.

Similarly, you could also opt to get your nails painted in whichever colour you prefer. Or if your feet require a bit of good old pampering while you are at nail spa, then you could also obviously opt for a foot spa or simply a pedicure which is analogous to the treatment of your hand nails. However, pedicures are not only done for cosmetic purposes but also for therapeutic as well as prescribed medical purposes which are used to thwart multiple conditions as well as disorders. It is generally not restricted to the foot but extended up to the knees and the elaborate process at the best nail and spa salon also includes exfoliation and massage. And if you are willing to go the extra mile then why not opt for spa or paraffin pedicure which is not only more elaborate but also includes dips and masks and varieties of treatments.

If you are truly an experimental soul then perhaps while looking for best nail and spa salon you would like to settle for one which offers pedicures like ice-cream, chocolate, margarita or champagne/wine pedicure which are perhaps the most exclusive ones when it comes to foot care. Another service that has already created quite some buzz amidst fashionistas is artificial or acrylic nails. This is essentially the artificial nails which are placed over your original nail beds to give it a much more polished and well put together appearance. These are also used generally to camouflage damaged, short or un-presentable nail beds. It prevents unnecessary breakage and splitting of the beds.

However, there are also certain health risks if you are thinking of asking them at nail spa. These generally include permanent stunting of original nail growth. And of course bacterial infection between the original nail bed and the artificial nail bed is also quite common. Most people also consider opting for nail art or overlays, both of which are fun options.

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